Home is a great place to practice your short game. You can also work out kinks in your golf swing and sharpen fundamentals.

Most of us golfers could use a little extra help in the those departments, but we all don’t have the time to always get to the course. That’s where a golf practice net can come in handy.

Most golf practice nets are very compact and easy to set up. The concept is simple — take your swings and knock the golf balls into the net. Whether you’re working on your drives or your wedge game, many nets are multi-use so you can practice both aspects of the game.


Whitefang Chipping Net Golf Target Net Backyard Practice Swing Game for Indoor/Outdoor 


Assembly steps

– Insert each of the Base Poles into the holes of the corresponding corner joints.
NOTE:Ensure are poles are fully inserted. Failure to do so may result in damage to the Chipping Net
-Connect the chipping target to the arm poles
–slide each of the arm poles into the corresponding top corner pocket on the chipping target
Storing your practer chipping net
Remove Arm Poles from the pockets on the Chipping Target.

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