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  • A New Way:Corrective lens is a ideal solution for who is shorsighted but want to enjoy diving with full-face snorkel mask.
  • Easy Assembly / Disassembly:the 2 lenses lock together with a “click” then create a suction onto the safe for your eyes and your snorkel mask.
  • Cheap and Durable:lens are very cheap and made of 100% polycabonate material and very light,they are reusable.
  • Flexible options—Each lens is independent in order to correct each eye separately, options ( -2.0 to -6.0) available; If your myopia degree is between 2 sizes, choose the lower one please .(E.g, 350/3.5 degree, choose 300/3.0 degree instead of 400/4.0),but it not for folks with an astigmatism.
  • Storage Advice:when not using,please clean it by microfiber and put them in a glasses case in a dry place away from light.
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WhiteFang Corrective Lenses for Full Face Snorkel Mask,Prescription RX Snorkel Mask(2.0-6.0)


The lenses used easy,it’s almost suitable for all the Snorkeling Mask product.
The sunction is made of 100% silicone , give a little bit water on the sunction could increase stability of mounting.
These lenses correct myopia. They do not correct astigmatism. They are available in the prescriptions: 0, -2, -3, -4, -5 et -6. Each lens is independent in order to adapt to each eye.Fixed interpupillary distance of -64 mm.The optical correction may not be perfectly adapted to your sight.This is not a problem and is not dangerous when exercising for 2 hours, provided that it is as close to your correction as possible.In case of doubt, seek your optician’s advice please.
An anti-scratch coating is applied on the lenses.


Always assemble 1 left and 1 right side together and then mount it onto the Snorkeling Mask.
Make sure the mask inside surface is clean, without any dirty or residues in case of mounting stability.
Give a little bit water on the sunction could increase stability of mounting . Not recommended for driving. Not recommended for use the product if scratches happens on lens.The scratches on lens may impact optical correction.
Do not use for correcting astigmatism.
Do not use for daily use (E.g, reading,watching TV…) Recommend to use the grasses within 2 hours one time in case of eye fatigue. In case of any uncomfortable symptoms, consult your doctor please.


Clean the lens with grasses cloth(or microfiber cloth), or air-dry.
Not recommended to use detergent for cleaning, detergent may damage the anti-scratch coating on lens.
Avoid sharp contact with lens ,which would cause lens scratches.
Avoid exposure of the lenses under the sunlight(80℃/176℉)

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Left, Right, A Couple


-2, -3, -4, -5, -6


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